Mapify is an extremely versatile piece of software, and we’ve been really impressed (and surprised) at the uses folks have come up with. Check out some ideas below:

  • Store Locator

    Perhaps the most common use of Mapify is as a store locator. Do you have a product that’s sold in shops across the country? Mapify is the perfect solution to list each location by address, with added features to really make your product excel.

  • Travel Log

    Preserve your memories by placing pinpoints in the exact locations of your travels, and including a gallery of photos taken on the spot. It’s a perfect way to not only document your journey, but to share with friends and family online.

  • Have a product with a lot of features?

    Sure, Mapify is ideal for maps, but how about a photo of your product that allows users to zoom in and view the detail, all while getting valuable info on the features? Car interiors, gadgets, interfaces… Mapify let’s your customer interact with your product in a cutting-edge virtual environment.

  • Video Game Enthusiasts!

    So you’re playing Diablo III and want to map your journey through hell. Upload Diablo’s world map via Mapify, and you can include location-based screengrabs, videos, and you’re own story as you chase down Diablo through the lands of Sanctuary. Now that’s something you can’t do with Google maps, amerite?

Philanthropy Projects

Mark your progress as your non-profit company helps rebuild less fortunate communities around the world. Whether it’s helping a village in need, or green projects — showcase the people and progress behind your story at every location.


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