• Fully Customized Maps

    Google maps is great, but severely limits how you can display a map on your site. Mapify breaks those barriers and allows you to use a custom map of your choosing, but maintains the ability to zoom, pan, and add locations.

  • Google Map Integration

    Want to stick with Google maps but need more control? Mapify fully supports Google maps and address-specific pinpoints. Use Google maps while maintaining Mapify’s features: Custom tooltip content, photo/video galleries on each location, and even custom pinpoint graphics.

  • Location-Based Information

    Mapify allows you to add endless locations to your map. Better yet, it allows you to control what appears when a user hovers over the pinpoints. Photos, videos, and information displayed is 100% in your control. Just click around on the map on the home page for a preview, it’s all running on Mapify!

  • Sleek WordPress Implementation

    Using Mapify is easy, whether using the full theme or just the Plugin. Effects, like momentum-based dragging, photo gallery pop-ups, and smooth transitions, are automatically applied to each map.