100% Custom Maps for Wordpress.

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Mapify.it is a plugin for WordPress that implements fully-customized maps on your site. It enhances Google maps with custom pin-point graphics and pop-up galleries, but also allows ANY custom map image of your choosing, all while keeping the great zoom and pan effect of Google maps! Check out some of the features:

  • Fully Customized Maps

    Google Maps is great, but severely limits how you can display a map on your site. MapifyPro breaks those barriers and allows you to use a map of your choosing, but maintains the ability to zoom, pan, and to add locations.

  • Location-Based Information

    Mapify allows you to control what appears when a user hovers over the pinpoints. Just click around on the map up above for a preview, it’s all running on Mapify! See More Features and ideas.

  • Mapify Spotlight: Store Locator

    Have a product that’s sold in stores? Mapify serves as the perfect store locator plugin: Enter the address of the store (or place it manually), customize your descriptions, and add unlimited locations to your map.

    Our previous mapping software cost us over $200, so Mapify isn’t only a perfect solution, but an awesome deal to boot!" —Phil, store owner

  • Mapify Spotlight: Travel Log

    Capture your memories from a location to location basis, and relive your travels by browsing your photos and videos of the actual, specified locations. Then, share the site with your friends and family!

    I was able to capture my vacation to Australia in a really unique way. I used a scan of my travel map and added locations based on where I actually visited. Then, I added photos taken in those exact locations!." —Lauren Kale

  • Car Features

    Mapify isn’t only for maps. Use it to create a virtual environment for your product. It’s especially awesome if your product has multiple features, as you can give each equal attention, and even it’s own gallery.

    We use Mapify software to showcase the interior features of the Lexus CT 200h. It's great because it allows our customers to really explore the interior in detail." —Phillip, Car Dealer